Audio Engineer – Live

Our manager said that was the best live sound we have ever had in a smaller venue such as dukes, excellent service from a guy who was not only knowledgable but friendly as well!

Jason Adams & Aces Up – May 6, 2010

Soundman Beyond the Call of Duty: Ray Brown, FOH Engineer Club Satyricon Portland Oregon
Utility infielder Ray has a tougher job than anyone I know.

 SP Clark – Two Louies Music Magazine – 1990

Audio Engineer – 

21 endorsements for Engineering from Kompoz members.

I Engineered the following songs that were created by members of Kompoz

Higher quality .WAV files of these songs are available upon request.

Song: Second Chances – Scottyv. at Kompoz

Thank you sir, Soundman 1955 did a really good job of mixing, made it real easy for me to master the song!

Song: I’ll Start All Over Again – Scottyv. at Kompoz

Lost Without You

Super duper job, Ray!! What an amazing feat sound engineering is—I’ve listened to the exact same song… and have 3 different emotions//reactions coming out of them–ALL GREAT–but just so distinguished from each!! It’s what I REALLY REALLY love about varied versions of the song and music itself… music STANDS TALL!! 🙂 Thank youuuu!! For me, you have COMPLETELY CAPTURED what I was trying to convey vocally…. I know my vocals are NOT GREAT… and hard to tame//work with… so I”m ALWAYS thankful for the time spent to make them sound like how I *intended* to sing it!! 🙂 Hugs, Ray!! Thank youuu!! 🙂

Song: Crazy For You

Song: Every Woman For Herself

keith2012 commented 9 days ago
Sounds amazing to me. Great job Ray!
maychowmusic commented 5 days ago
Love this Ray. Thank you

Song – Midnight Train

Netherwood   commented 1yr+9mo ago : Nice one Ray, Well done 🙂

Song – “The Story Of Joe”

JohnnyWatermelon   commented 1yr+1mo ago: Awesome man. I love this new take on it. Great Creativity Ray. You’ve really taken this to the next level.

“Midnight Blue”

keith2012   commented 29 days ago

Wow! This is starting to sound good man. I’m glad you kept the silence breaks clean. Everyone else seemed to clutter it up for some reason. This getting pretty close. Thanks Soundman.

GreenDragon   commented 27 days ago

The separation really works to make the song more open, really like the dynamics it now has GD

TaylorLord   commented 27 days ago

sounds awesome

Song – “Dear Boston”

rlapointe   commented 1yr+8mo ago: Thanks Ray, for joining in. I hear the saxophone track in the background that I think had been submitted on the original “Your voice” project… very nice.


 Song – “Fly Away With Me” –

syncopen   commented 1yr+11mo ago: Thank you so much.It sounds great.This mix will absolutely be a part if the project..:)

Song – “Everyday Subway Ride” – 


StratCas   commented 1yr+10mo ago: Ray, this mix sounds good to me, nice and full:)

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