Here are just a few services we offer at A Great Video!  ( As each project is unique,please call to discuss pricing )


Audio Production:

Audio Recording, Audio Engineering, Audio Conversion, Audio Duplication, Audio Remixing, Audio Effects, Voice Overs


  • Recording for special events,training ,meetings, conferences, ringtones
  • Audio Engineering for studio or live projects
  • Audio Conversion of most types of digital files
  • Audio Remixing of songs or soundtracks
  • Audio Effects such as delay, reverb, compression and special effects
  • Voice overs for your commercials or videos


Video Production:


Video Production of  ” YouTube “, ” Kickstarter ” or ” FundMe ” projects, Training Films, or Special Events

Video Editing of   ” Final Cut Pro ” , ” Adobe Premiere  ” , ” IMovie ” or ” Windows Media ” files

Green Screen and Portrait Shots

53″ HiDef Teleprompter

Ariel Drone Photography and Video

FAA Registration # FA3TMRPL79

FAA Part 107 Certified Pilot

License  # 4090196

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro Ariel Drone

The Phantom 4 from DJI Industries is a state of the art Ariel Drone that can produce  the highest quality stills and video on the market today. This intelligent drone with its five directions of sensors is virtually crash proof.

DJI has become the leader of Professional Ariel Platforms and have been used in many industries such as:
Search and Rescue
Real Estate


Did you miss your chance to take that iconic tourist photo, because of bad weather, or long lines? Have you ever wanted to be in the movie scene? Through the magic of Green Screen, I can take you there.