I was about 14 when I found my first camera at a yard sale. It was an old Minolta or Pentax, can’t remember now, but from that day I was hooked on photography. In Jr. High I took my first course on the subject and spent many hours after school in their darkroom developing and printing black and whites.

As the years went on and color film was refined, I found my self looking through my creative eye at the world around me. Color, composition, balance and framing I saw this in all I viewed. Now into the digital age I can take photos outside on a grey day and turn the sky blue, making a single shot have endless possibilities. Photos are captured brief moments of time and should convey the feeling of the moment sucking the viewer into that instant. With a click, time is frozen and you are there.

These skills translated into the video world with ease. I first started producing documentary style travel videos to show to friends and family. After hearing over and over ” Wow, that was a  a great video!” AGV was born.

Here are some questions I am commonly asked:

What makes a photo or video great:

So what is it that makes a photo great, is it the camera, the lens the subject? No, it’s composition. Angles, lighting, foreground, mid-ground, background, framing, this is what my eye sees when I look in the lens.

What do you love most about your job?

As a photographer or videographer, it is my job to capture brief moments of time, moments that may never come again. To take these moments and use them like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to build a the final picture. My goal is to use my skills to recreate that moment in time, to project the feeling and emotion of that moment. When done correctly it takes the viewer back, back in time to the instant of that cameras click. This is what I look for, this is what I love.






Nikon D70 – 55 and 150 mm Lenses (Stills)

Gopro  – Hero (HD Stills and Video)

Canon –  XA30 (HD Stills and Video)

Canon –  GL2 (video)

DJI – Phantom 4 Pro Drone – (Aerial Video and Stills up to 4K resolution)

Indoor Lighting Package – (6 fixtures)

Green Screen

Wireless Microphones – ( 1 Hand Held and 1 Lav.)

Computer Systems – ( Mac and PC)

Software – ( Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Protools, Cubase, Reaper)


All gear is of Professional quality and is road ready.

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